This Indian Man Secured A Job At GQ Without Even Giving An Interview. Here’s How He Did It


A wise man once said, “Design is intelligence made visible”. There is a reason why brands put so much emphasis on packaging, because at times, it counts more than the product. Similarly, howsoever great achievements you might’ve accomplished in life, to lay them properly on a piece of paper is the real crack in order to stand ‘distinct’ from other participants.

Sumukh Mehta did something exactly similar, he made his packaging attractive. While applying at GQ, London, he presented such a kickass resume that British’s GQ Editor-in-Chief, Dylan Jones hired him without taking his interview.

In case you’re wondering what he did so different, have a look at his resume here:Mag-1-1Mag-2-1-696x492Mag-3-1-696x492Mag-4-696x492Mag-5-696x492Mag-6-696x492Mag-7-696x492Mag-8-696x492Mag-9-696x492

What a brilliant resume! Don’t you feel like throwing your black-and-white printed resume in the bin already? Do it.


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