10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Mobile


In this post, We made a collection of best wifi hacking apps for android mobile. You can test your wifi network for vulnerability from downloading these apps in your mobile.

This wifi hacking android apps turn your android phone into a running hacking machine. You can do lots of amazing stuff like hacking wifi network, hacking wifi password or lots of things from your android mobile with the help of these apps.

Note: For running these apps on your phone, make sure your phone is Rooted.

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Every Programmer Must have this 5 Android Apps


Programming can be fun when done with the right tools – development tools that let you write and test the source code without pestering. Coding on the computer is surely more congenial, but it cannot beat the convenience of viewing or editing the source code from anywhere. This is where mobile devices come in handy – you can carry them anywhere and do your tasks from your own comfortable place.

1. Quoda

Quoda is certainly the best free multi-language code editor for Android. It is a powerful yet easy source code editor, and comes with nearly all the essential features that a software programmer would need. It also bundles various productivity-enhancing functionalities that can boost the developer’s efficiency. It is packed full of many useful features such as syntax highlighting,auto-suggestions, line bookmarking, auto-indentation, etc.

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What skills are needed to get a Software Engineering job at Google?



We all know that getting placed in Google is one of the most desirable employers in the world. Engineers at Google are the masters, and their salary is high enough. For Google employees salaries for Interns start from $70,000 to $90,000. Whereas for the software engineers can get from $118,000 and senior software engineers would make up for an average of amount $152,985.

Not only Google top companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft pays a good amount of salaries to the Software engineers. But, getting placed in good companies is not an easy job and takes in a lot of skill.

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The Ultimate List of Best Websites to Learn Coding ,Photoshop,IT Projects and more 📺


Hi Folks ! Today i’m going to share with you some useful websites it offers various free courses and paid courses.


2. http://www.lynda.com
3. http://www.udemy.com
4. http://www.udacity.com
5. http://www.coursera.org
6. http://www.w3schools.com
7. http://www.thenewboston.org
8. http://www.programmr.com
9. http://www.codeavengers.com
10. http://www.codeschool.com

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Top Android Apps for Hacking

1-ADy-qW0Fr5OqxgKrTFmIKg.jpeg copy.jpg

Here we have in no particular order the top Android apps for hacking using an android smartphone.

Disclaimer: These apps should be used for research purposes only

1. SpoofApp:- SpoofApp is a Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing and Call Recording mobile app for your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phone. It’s a decent mobile app to help protect your privacy on the phone. However, it has been banned from the Play Store for allegedly being in conflict with The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009. Continue reading

15 Important Run Commands Every Windows User Should Know

There are several ways to efficiently access the files, folders, and programs in Windows operating system. We can create shortcuts, pin programs to the taskbar, Start menu shortcuts etc. but we can’t do it for all programs in many cases. However, the Windows Run Command box is one of the most efficient ways of accessing system programs, folders, and settings.

In this article, I am going to share 15 most important Run commands for Windows users. These commands can make it easier to manage a lot of tasks.

How to open Windows Run command box?

You need to press Win+R (Hold Windows button then Press R)

Important Run Commands Every Windows User Should Know

1. %temp% ,temp and prefetch

This is the fastest way to clear the temporary files from your computer. It can save a lot of space which was being wasted by temporary files. Continue reading

1000 Popular Hacking Tricks Tutorials PDF’s

1000 Popular Hacking tricks tutorials

I am going to share you 1000 hacking tricks collections ,these are the best and popular hacking tricks These tutorials are supported by windows vista, seven, and xp (still lots of people using this os) you will also get some knowledge article related to networking, how to become a hacker, and lots of stuffs related to hacking.

These tutorial include

*  Ethical hacking tricks
*  Windows hacking tricks
*  Registry hacking tricks
*  Cryptography etc.

And also it have some other hacking related Pdf’s

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B5ajoMzpnCjVb0h5MThNX3BJcFU

Why does the iPhone require less RAM than Android devices?

Related image

There are people who always fight when it comes to comparing the Android devices vs iPhone. Iphones are way more expensive than Android devices even with the same specifications. However, the iPhone works a lot smoother and faster than an Android device with the same amount of RAM. That means an iPhone with 2GB RAM works much faster than an Android device with 2GB RAM with same features.

If you compare the performance of iPhone 7 (2GB RAM) with Google Pixel  (4GB RAM) or Samsung s7 (4GB RAM), You’ll see no difference in performance. iPhone 6 was the best performing phone in its time with just 1 GB of RAM. Now, the question is why does the iPhone require less RAM than Android devices? Why does the Android device need more RAM? Continue reading

GTA San Andreas 3 MB only 😍😍

Image result for gta san andreas

GTA San Andreas for Android Highly Compressed

Hello Viewers, I have found the highly compressed version of most played android game GTA San Andreas. So to play the game just follow the steps given below.

Steps to download this amazing game:

  1. Download and install WinRAR for android.
  2. Download the game from the given link.
  3. Open the game using WinRAR.
  4. Extract the game.
  5. Enter the password as: eerdfzcvbbdfds 
  6. Once extracted, install the apk in the extracted folder but do not open right now.
  7. Move the folder com.rockstargames.gtasa to the Internal memory > Android > obb folder.
  8. Open the game and play
  9. Don’t forget to post a like in the comments if it works.
Download Links
GTA San Andreas (APK + DATA)
GTA San Andreas APK + DATA (password: rstips)
**For devices with MALI GPU only**