Network Layer Of OSI Model: Functionalities and Protocols

network layer osi model

Network layer comes next in the queue after discussing two sublayers of MAC layer, namely MAC layer and LLC layer. The network layer is an important layer in the OSI model because some of the important concepts it applies, including IP addressing, connection model, message forwarding etc.

As we talked earlier in the article OSI Model and its 7 layers, the network layer  becomes one of the most important layers of the OSI model because it applies some concepts which define the base of the internet and IP addressing. Continue reading

Google Announces Android O, Developer Preview 1 Available for Supported Devices

Google Announces Android O, Developer Preview 1 Available for Supported Devices

Bred of running Android Nougat on your smartphone? Yearning to see what the future holds for the next iteration of the world’s most popular mobile operating system? Google has you covered for today, as the company has just announced what comes after Android Nougat.Meet  Android O.

As is custom with Google, Android O is what the next OS version will be called until it finally comes to consumers sometime in Q3 2017. We can speculate on what the full name will be, and we’ve got a few months to do so as well.

But what we have right now is a full developer preview and a plethora of changes that O will be bringing to Android. Google has listed the new features and APIs in Android O, so we’ll briefly touch upon several of these below. Continue reading

The Difference Between A Programmer, Coder, Developer And Engineer

The titles such as Engineer, Programmer, Coder, Developer, and Computer Scientist are very confusing even for those who are working in the technology industry. Do you exactly know what do they do and in case of a problem or help whom should you approach?

In reality, it depends upon organization to organization and how these terms are used by them in their industry, as these terms are often interchangeable. It can change and mean different things based on the situation.

So, how do you differentiate between these terms and know who’s who and what kind of expert you will require for a particular job? While there is no specific rule to follow, we will have a look at each title below and see what it means. Continue reading

YouTube’s Go app for data-conscious viewers is now available on Android

YouTube’s Go app for data-conscious viewers is now available on Android

Last September, Google announced it was launching YouTube Go, an Android app designed to help users save data while watching and sharing videos. It’s now available for you to try out.

The app lets you choose whether you’d like to stream your selected videos immediately or download them for offline viewing in standard and low quality modes. You can also send videos to other YouTube Go users near you over a local ad-hoc Wi-Fi hotspot that won’t use up either person’s data. Continue reading

“The Nokia Returns😍😎” – First Android-Powered Nokia 6 Priced $250 Comes In The Market


HMD Global has announced the in-house Nokia Android smartphone in the name of Nokia 6. The all-metal device packs a Snapdragon 430 SoC having an octa-crore CPU with 6GB memory and 64GB storage. Nokia 6 has a 16MP rear shooter and features Dolby Atmos. The China-exclusive Nokia 6, when sold, will be priced at 1699 CNY ($245).

The first Android-powered smartphone having the rejuvenated ‘Nokia’ brand is the Nokia 6. Well, it appears that HMD Global, Finland-based new owner of Nokia forgot the counting, but it doesn’t matter to the fans in China who are the first and only ones to get their hands on the new Nokia Android device. HMD Global – announced Nokia 6 yesterday acquired the rights make Nokia-branded devices last year. Continue reading

Here Is How It Looks Like When You Use This Hack For Super Mario 3D World

Hackers try to find new hacks for each and every game. The world of hacks do not always surprising in a satisfactory manner, one could say that the mod you will teach Super Mario 3D World can give even chills. A deformed version of the most famous Nintendo plumber is the protagonist of the case.

The author of the hack, CosmoCortney , has stretched the extremities of Mario, and the result is this monstrosity. Continue reading


george hotz

Back in August 2007, George Hotz, then a 17-year-old high school student from New Jersey, became the first person in the world to unlock an iPhone. He recorded a video on his webcam explaining what he’d done and posted it to YouTube. A media storm followed, Apple’s stock shot through the roof as people realised they could use them on any carrier with a little bit of effort and Hotz became a superstar in the world of tech.

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The best Chrome extensions to boost your productivity in 2017

The best Chrome extensions to boost your productivity in 2017

Google Chrome is far and away the most popular browser around and it supports a huge number of extensions, which are essentially plugins that add functionality to your browser. There are a ton of them that can help you get more work done in short order, while consuming less system resources than standalone apps and integrating more tightly into your workflow.

We’ve rounded up 28 of the best extensions to help you take notes, plan your day, tame your email inbox, research like a pro and stay on top of your workload, all without leaving your browser.

Tip: Although these are designed for use with Chrome, you can actually use them with Opera too.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Mark Zuckerberg has finally unveiled his personal AI Jarvis..He Did it 😍


Mark Zuckerberg has finally unveiled his personal AI Jarvis, whose voice is Morgan Freeman. Created using many AI techniques and programming languages like PHP, Python, and Objective-C, Jarvis can control his home appliances, play music, and even entertain Max. He also plans to create an Android app for the same and add more commands.

Earlier this year in January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the world that he’s planning to build an AI system that’ll be running his home. It was one of the personal growth challenges he takes up every year.

Now, Zuckerberg has pulled back the veil from his project, which is named Jarvis–an obvious nod to Tony Stark’s AI system in Iron Man. In a recent post on Facebook, he has shared an in-depth insight into his project.

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