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After the launch of Google Allo, Google Assistant has become the hot feature of the app. This nifty feature of Google Allo created buzz among various Android users. Everyone wanted to give it a try. Similarly, we can find chatbots on Telegram and other messaging applications. WhatsApp being most used Messaging app doesn’t have its own chatbot and to fulfill this qeuBot – Chatbot for WhatsApp has been launched. It brings the power of chatbots to WhatApp in the simplest manner without violating any of the WhatsApp’s policies, according to the developer.

qeuBot (WhatsApp Chatbot) is the personal chatbot similar to the Telegram’s inline bots to which you can ask questions or request for the information related to news, Wikipedia, basic Math operations etc. Below are the full list of features provided by the qeuBot.

qeuBot Features:

  • Looking up Wikipedia articles
  • Performing mathematical calculations
  • Fetching news regarding any topic through Google News
  • Providing movie ratings through IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes
  • GIF search through Giphy
  • Image search through Bing (Note that you need to use your own API key to avail this service)
  • Current day and 5-day weather forecast of any region through Yahoo Weather
  • Daily horoscope

It is supported on the Android smartphones running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and up. So if you have Android device running on Android 5.0 or up, you can give this app a try and enjoy the Chatbot features on WhatsApp Messenger.

According to the developer, qeuBot doesn’t collect any information about you and the information you ask for. Your queries are directly submitted to the third party services like Wikipedia, IMDB, Giphy etc. It doesn’t log queries on their server, not even for analytics.

Watch the quick demo of the app in action in the below video.

Downlod Link From PlayStore:qeuBot

Do consider sharing this app with your friends and let them also enjoy the power of Chatbots on WhatsApp.

Do share your opinion about this app in the comment section below.



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