Intel’s Multi-OS Engine Lets You Develop Apps For Android And iOS

Intel’s Multi-OS Engine Lets You Develop Apps For Android And iOS

The tech giant Intel announced a cross-platform that allows developers to create applications which are compatible with Android and automatically it can also be exported for the iOS as well. As this is the Multi-OS engine, which should speed up the work of the developers.

It is very common for an application to be released for iOS but little difficult for the Android, as a recent case was the Prisma, which took a month to get to the Android users, but if we notice the same for the iOS then we may notice that there are many interesting apps which are only available to the iOS users only. However, we should not forget that what is Android and how beyond you can go with Android. But, soon this may change with a new cross-platform development tool by Intel.

Intel Cross-Platform
Intel Cross-Platform

Yes, Intel’s Multi-OS Engine is a platform that Intel introduced to the world and came forward to liberate programmers the difficult task of knowing several programming languages for mobile devices. Based on Java which allows the applications to be created in a generic way and only at the end can also be converted to Swift, the new Apple programming language to create apps for iOS.


Thus, it avoids the need to have two teams to develop applications, each focused on a programming language or in another case, have the same team at different times to develop, which will prevent delaying the arrival of apps to the App Stores.

Suffice the user to have the Multi-OS Engine installed as a plugin for Android Studio and the user can develop applications the way it has always done for Android. In the end, without knowing anything about Objective-C or Swift, the application will be exported and is ready to be sent to the App Store.

Intel Multi-OS Engine
Intel Multi-OS Engine

Advantages of Multi-OS engine are great, especially for the developers who do not want to master the Apple programming languages, thus having a direct way to “convert” their applications for iOS. The final code is native to both ARM and x86 processors.

Hence, the Multi-OS Engine handles all the process of creating the code for iOS, ensuring the exchange of the various APIs available for each operating system and the necessary compatibility.

The Multi-OS Engine is now available as a trial version for those who want to use or test it now to convert their applications.


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