Google has now an official website for Android Tips & Tricks


Android is the most popular mobileoperating system in the world, with more than 85% of smartphone running on Google’s OS. Android is popular because user can customize the look and feel of the device, most of the users would not know various things which their Android Smartphone can do. So the new website from google will help a lot of people to learn more stuff they can do with the device.


The website consists of 8 bookmarks namely Featured, privacy-security, voice, camera-photos, battery, customization, google-app and settings. Featured section include solutions to common problems like accessing photos, changing the phone’s wallpaper, using voice to navigate the device, or using battery saving mode to extend battery life.


And for rest of the all bookmarks you can find solution easily by clicking on the respective icons. All the tips are presented in Card interface (Material Design), with each card giving useful info and solution for Android users. A total of 55 Tips and Tricks are present in the site including Find your flashlight fast, Keep your device juiced up, Get weather notifications on the go and many more.


Most of the smartphone users will know atleast 50% of the Tips and Tricks listed in the website, but for a first time smartphone users like our parents this will be a very good way to start off their Android experience. Also, they will annoy you less with Android help requests after you send the link of this website to them. This would come in handy for people coming from iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Have a look at the website HERE.


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