Parallel Space

If you want two WhatsApp account in a single phone then you don’t have to worry about it. With this app you can do it easily. Not onlyWhatsApp you can also duplicate any app in your mobile in Parallel Space. You can run two Hike, two facebook messenger or any another app whatever you like in Parallel Space. It is a nice app and also free to download in Playstore. Click Here


Drupe:Contacts & Phone Dialer

If you are bored by your old phone dialer then you can try Drupe. Actually Drupe is not a simple dailer, swipe from the right then you can access your Hike, Instragram, WhatsApp  other social accounts then swipe from the right and put any of your contact on the left side of circle bar of your social accounts, then you are ready to go instantly any acount you want. The app is very nice and easy, moreover it is free to download in playstore. Just try it. Click Here


Material Comic Viewer Pro

You read a lot of comics but you have no time to carry all the books with you, so you can download digital copies from several websites, but you must have a nice app to read all those comics. You can try this app to read comics, it got material design with gestures and various reading options and only 138.35Rs. try it. Click Here



A nice little app to save your favorite Instragram images in full resolution, make a try. Click Here



Customize your notifications in various ways, floatify can make easy your all notifications, you can quickly reply with this app from notification bar without opening the app, it is very useful, and if you want more customization then download the unlocker version of this app, it is only 219.83Rs in playstrore. Click Here


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