50 Most Amazing Tech Tricks Everyone Should Know

Here we post some amazing tech hacks tricks that make your tech life very easy. You can learn lots of life hacks and simple hack that save your time and also increase your knowledge about tech. Don’t read too much this paragraph, read the below lines and know some tech hacks and tech tricks for your android phone and window pc.

1 – How to  find direct download link for any movies, search “[movie name]–inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mkv|mp4|avi)”.

direct download link of any movie from google

Eg: avengers 2 -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mkv|mp4|avi)

If you want to find music for your phone or computer, just change the last part (mkv|mp4|avi) to (mp3|wma|aac|flac). Now you an find any type of files from just typing your file format like rar, pdf, jpg, png, doc, and iso etc.

2 – Build your own Cinema theater at home from your Mobile Phone, iPad or Tablet.

Build your own theater at home

3 – Now anyone can be a look like a hacker from opening this site in your computer HackerTyper.net. Press F11 to enter full screen and ALT to show “Access Granted” message

Hackertyper for Make your Computer look like hacker

GeekTyper.com Geektype website similarly looks like hackertyper, but you find many more options and themes in this website.

FakeUpdate.net This is yet another for making prank with your friends, you can show fake window update at your screen by going this website. Just press F11 and your friend think you update your windows.

Fake Window Update Website

More about Hackertyper

4 – Search “Do the Harlem Shake” on YouTube and your webpage do the harlem shake in your screen.

More YouTube tricks and secrets:

5 – Search “Atari Breakout” on Google Images and you can play atari breakout game in your computer.

Google Search Atari Breakout Game in Google Images in Your Computer

For more Google Tricks and Secrets:

6 – If somehow your internet connection is gone play Dinosaur game in your Chrome Browser without The internet. In Chrome’s error page, press spacebar to start the T-Rex game.

Play Dinosaur Game in your PC without Internet

7 – Unable to finish your assignment or project on deadline day. Here I can help you, corrupt your files and you got more time for finish your assignment from college and office. Corrupt-a-file.net corrupts your assignment files so that you can ask for extra time.

Corrupt your Files and assignment for extra time

But keep in find all professors and Boss not accept your corrupted files.

8 -Don’t know about maths and theories. Go to BetterExplained.com and you know all type of math concepts in very easy way.

Better Explained Maths Problems and Physics

9 – Create a readable pdf book in your language from Wikipedia articles.

Create a Book in Pdf from Wikipedia Articles

10 – Sometimes you find not correct google search results because you use the country domain. UseGoogle.com/NCR to avoid country-specific URL redirect. NCR ( No Country Redirect)

Google NCR or no country restrictions

11 – If your phone volume is too low and you want to listen music with high volume try this trick. Boost your smartphone’s volume by placing it into a paper cup.

Amplify Your Mobile Phone Volume from Paper Cup

12 – You can also find your android mobile phone from searching on google.Enter these keywords in Google “find my phone” to locate your Android Phone.

Find My Phone from Google Search

Direct Link for finding your lots android phone: find my phone 

13 – Lost your Android phone? Ring, erase, or lock your smartphone remotely using Android Device Manager. Ringing works even if your phone is in silent mode.

Find and Delete Data of Your Lost Android Phone

14 – With Pushbullet.com you can see your android mobile notifications in your PC computer. You can also transfer pictures, music,  files and links between your android mobiles and computer.

See Mobile Notifications in Computer

15 –  ThisIsWhyImBroke.com one of the best website for finding a list of some weird unbelievable and cool products online.

Thisiswhyimbroke.com for finding cool products

16 – You can edit an image online from Paint Software in Windows. Just paste the image URL directly into the paint to open it.

Edit Image File in Paint from Url Download

17 – Download your all Data from Google including your Gmails from One Click. Open Google Takeout Website in your website and download all emails in your computer.

Google Takeout

18 – SumoPaint.com is one of the best websites for edit images and pictures online. You can find almost all features of photoshop online from this website.

Edit Image Online with Sumopaint

19 – Want to delete your online social website account and don’t know how to do this.  AccountKiller.com guides you, how to delete your online accounts from popular websites.

Kill Your Soical Profile Accounts Online with Accountkiller.com

20 – Check your favorite username is available or not in popular sites using Namechk.com.

Check your Username is available or not on Famous Websites

21 – To avoid spam from scams and offers giving sites, use disposable temporary email services to sign up for the new website. Use it and throws your emails. Don’t need to signup for getting temporary emails.

Temporary Emails Websites

22 – Ninite.com helps you to install many windows programs at once. Just select all the apps you want. With this software, you don’t need to download windows software one by one.

Ninite Download All Windows Software in One Click

23 – Bypass youtube age restricted video without signing by adding “nsfw” before “youtube.com”.

Bypass YouTube-age-restriction

Eg:  http://www.nsfwyoutube.com/watch?v=6LZM3_wp2ps

24 – Compare two foods calorie and nutrition from Google. Google “[food] vs [food]” to compare nutritional values in Google Searches.


25 – In Windows PC, create a new folder at any place and name it “ Control Panel Shortcuts.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c} ”. Now you access whole control panel shortcuts from one place or one folder. This is god mode in windows.


26 – At website login pages, you can view masked passwords (******)by changing the password input type as text from inspect element in your browser. This method works in all modern browser. Never leave your PC on with signup page. Anyone can know your password from this method.


27 – Need calculator urgently for solving two values and sums. Type your math problems in the search bar or URL bar and you see google calculator for solving math problems quickly.

Google Calculator Online

28- Don’t know how to solve Rubik’s Cube. Go toRubix.com website, set the color of your pattern and program will show you each step towards the solution.

solve rubix cube online from pattern and step by step

29-If you’re having trouble in math you can go to the WolframAlpha and type any equation or math problems. This website solves your math problems in step by step with all solutions.

Solve Difficult Equations and Math Problems from Wolframalpha.com

30 – Create QR Codes from Goqr.me/ and you can scan QR code from QR Code Reader android app.

Create and Read Qr Code

31 – Wanna Download youtube video directly in your browser without software just add “ss” before “youtube” and you can easily download the video in HD Quality.

download youtube video from ss

Eg: https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=U15gEytTOa8

32 – Make your Computer Look Like Hacker or More Professional from Rainmeter Software.


33 –  Mirror Your Android Mobile Display to PC fromAirdroid App.

Mirror Android Screen to Window PC

34 – Download Android Apps directly from  Google Play Store in your PC from Evoji Apk DownloaderWebsite.


35 – Hack WPS Security WiFi Network from Android Mobile With WPS Connect Android App.

Hack WiFi from Android Mobile

36 – Create Memes in Computer from ImgFlip.comand also on Android Mobile from Meme GeneratorAndroid App.

Create Memes in Computer and Mobile

37 – Photomath App Solves your all math problems just by taking the picture. You don’t type anything  just open this app.

Solve Math Problem from Android Camera with the help of photomath android app

38 – Control PC from Android Mobile with the help of Microsoft Remote Desktop Android App.

Remotely Control Your Window 7 and 8 PC with Microsoft RDP from Android Phone

39 – Control Torrents Downloading from Utorrent Remote Android App.

Utorrent Remote Android App

40 – Find Out Current Weather in your City from asking Google Now to “Weather”.

Weather from Google Now Voice Search

41 – Convert Whatsapp Messages into Txt Format for reading Whatsapp Conversation in PC

Convert Whatsapp Chat into Text

42 – With Star Chart android app you see your space objects in real-time. You can also see Planets, Stars, Comets, artificial satellite and many more objects in virtual 3D.

Starchart Android App

43 – Create Custom Pattern Lock in Android Phone with Smart Lock Screen

Custom Pattern Lock

44 – Open Weblinks without Closing Current Android app from Flynx Browser android app.


45 – Download Torrent File in IDM  from Furk.netwebsite.


46 – Take Ownership of All Files in Windows including system files.You can modify any system file from this simple tweak.

take ownership of files in windows

47 – Download Your All Facebook and Other Social Profiles in Your Computer from SocialSafe Software.


48 – Increase the trial of any Software and use them forever from Time Stopper Software.


49 – Essay Typer is one of my favorite website for prank your friends and wanna write an essay. If you don’t have time to write just open this website write your topic. Now you see the blank page, don’t worry type anything you want and this website writes preselected words or your essay.


50 – the Last one is amazing, Now you can destroy my website from guns and missiles. Hit the blue URL button and you arrow gun icon in a screen. Hit the space button and control arrow from arrow keys.

space shoot



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