15 Brilliant Command prompt(CMD) Tricks

1 Run Command Prompt as Administrator

You can run CMD tool as administrator from right click on it.


2 Open Command Prompt from Run Window

Open Run window from pressing Window +R, then type cmd and press enter. This is one of the fast methods for opening the command prompt in PC.

Open Command Prompt from Run Window

Open Command Prompt from Run Window

3 Change the fonts of the color inCommand Prompt

Like below screenshot, you can change your command prompt fonts too. If you want green fonts type COLOR A command in command prompt.

Change the Fonts of the Color

Change the Fonts of the Color

4 Open Command Prompt window from any Folder Location

Browser to any folder. Right, click on any folder holding Shift button. Select open command window here and you are able to open the command prompt from that location.

Open Command Window Here

Open Command Window Here

5 Help Command

With this command, you know everything about every command. Just type help in command prompt.

Help Command

Help Command

6 Paste any Text in Command Prompt

You can’t copy text in command prompt from just pressing Ctrl+V button. So try this. Copy text from anywhere, right click on command prompt window and select paste option.

Paste any Text in Command Prompt

Paste any Text in Command Prompt

7 Enable Quick Edit Mode in Command Prompt

Enabling Quick Edit Mode give you the power to copy any text in command prompt window from Hotkeys.

Open Command Prompt Setting and select Properties option. Now tick the Quick Edit Mode and click on ok.

Command Prompt Settings

Command Prompt Settings

Quick Edit Mode in Android

Quick Edit Mode in Android

8 Check the History of Commands

You can see your all commands history by pressing F7 button.

Check the History of Commands

Check the History of Commands

9 Find a Website IP Address from Command Prompt

Find any website IP Address from pinging the website.

eg: ping http://www.google.com

change http://www.google.com with your website address.

Know Website IP Address

10 Automatically Complete Commands with Tab Completion

If you don’t know full commands just type the first letter and press tab button. When you press tab button, command prompt suggests you lots of commands.

Tab Key for Auto Completion in Command Prompt

11 View Your Computer’s IP and other Network Information 

Type ipconfig/all in command prompt for getting all info about your computer network.


12 Use Ctrl-C to Abort a Command

For abort a Command

13 Create WiFi hotspot with the help of command prompt

Turn your Laptop into WIFI hotspot  with the help fo command prompt.


14 Know more about your System from systeminfo command

systeminfo is one of the most amazing commands in command prompt. With the help of this command, you can know everything abut your computer.


#15  Exit – Exit Command Prompt

Exit Command Prompt

When you type exit command in command prompt, your command prompt will close.


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