Top 12 Easy Ways To Increase Battery Life of Laptop

As we all know, our laptops don’t have all-day battery life, so it is a real struggle to manage our laptop whole day with a very little battery backup. But, we have some tips that will give some more life to your laptop’s battery. Follow up the full post to know about it.


Today we are here with the tips for How To Increase Battery Life of Laptop. Today more than billions of people are having their own laptop and we are totally dependent on it for work purposes. The major issue with the laptops is the battery life as in our busy schedules we don’t get enough time to charge our laptop properly and in result it fails to deliver the expected backup. So to resolve this issue we are here with some tips by which you can boost up battery backup of your laptop. Just follow up the below post to proceed.

The normal battery backup of old laptops generally ranges from 1-2 hours. However, you can use the below method to increase it for better performance.


1. Adjust Your Settings


The best way to reduce your laptop’s battery consumption is by adjusting the power settings of your laptop.You can alter the battery consumption settings and you can choose the best power saving option for your laptop in which you can choose to set less brightness and many more settings.

2. Cut Down External Devices


Any external devices that are connected to your laptop consume power like peripheral devices like external mouseUSB Pendrive and printers etc consumes much power.So better is to remove all of the external devices that are not currently being used.

3. Turn Off Wifi/Bluetooth etc.


Wifi and Bluetooth consume much power than your anticipation.As they need external signals to operate which need more power. So better is to turn off all these external sharing networks to increase battery backup of your device.

4. Turn Off The Apps and Processes


There are lots of processes and apps that automatically runs on your computer when you turn it on. These apps and process consume lots of power as they run on your ROM and effects on your battery,so it’s better to close these apps from task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard and ending the unwanted process.

5. Add more RAM


Better the Ram better is the computer performance and the better is the power management.So you must have better Ram to operate tasks of your computer.For this, you can use third parties tool to boost Ram or adding an external Ram to your laptop.

6. Use Hibernate Instead Of Standby


When your laptops are in  standby mode it keeps on running the power consumption, but when you puts your computer into hibernate mode then your power consumption goes to zero. Moreover, going into hibernate mode saves all your it’s always to choose to hibernate instead of standby.

7. Software updates


The outdated software of your laptop can badly affect your battery as they consume much power when they perform any processes so better is to keep your drivers and software up to date.

8. Avoid Over Charging


By overcharging the cells of your battery gets damaged and it can affects lot on your battery backup and so avoid over-charging of your battery as much you can to get the better battery backup from your laptop.

9. Keep The Battery Contacts Clean


The points or the contact from which your battery cells get connected to the laptop power providing needs a better caring as carbons get collected on them some time.And this can affect the battery performance so better is to make them clean regularly.

10. Windows Power-Troubleshooter


You can run the Power troubleshooter to adjust your computer’s power settings.The Power troubleshooter checks things like your computer’s timeout settings,which determine how long the computer waits before turning off the monitor display or entering sleep mode.Adjusting these settings can help you conserve power and extend your computer’s battery life.

11. Using MSConfig


MSConfig is a system utility to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows startup process. It can disable or re-enable software, device drivers, and Windows services that run at startup, or change boot parameters.You can avoid unnecessary programs to load at startup by simply stopping them

12. Choose Better Laptop


While buying the laptop you must go for better battery milliampere-hour (mAh) the better is the  milliampere-hour  the better will be the battery backup. So you must select the best laptop for getting the best battery backup.

So above is all about How To Increase Battery Life of Laptop. You can easily increase battery backup by following all these steps and measure. Hope you like the post, don’t forget to share this post with your friend and leave a comment if you know any of another measure.


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