Mark Zuckerberg use piece of tape to be safe from Hackers


How to be safe from hackers, simply learn from Mark New Post. He is most powerful person in technology and money market. Only you need a small piece of tape to be safe from hackers.

Mark Zuckerberg Post a congratulatory message to Facebook about earlier achievement of Instagram hit 500 million monthly users. When some big media noticed that it appeared his MacBook’s webcam and audio port were covered with pieces of tape.

Using Tape simply means to be safe from anyone of spying on you using webcam, and putting tape on USB port means no one can attack external media to your personal computer

Mark Zuckerberg is not person to do this. FBI Director James Comey does it too, and it’s a lot simpler than implementing any software alternatives.

There’s some irony to the notion that Zuckerberg would be paranoid about people spying on him when Facebook makes its money from collecting user data. Mark can also expense some money to be secure from hackers.


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